Friday, January 15, 2010

tooth fairies and other things

This past Sunday morning after Sunday School Emily was showing me yet another loose tooth! I am amazed by this child with how fast she is loosing them, and yet there is no where for new ones to go!

Well that afternoon while Jon and I were working in the kitchen up the stairs ran Emily rejoicing that she had lost her tooth! WOW, can I tell you how excited I was to not have to pull that tooth out! I was as excited as she was to loose it, really excited!

Emily was so proud of herself, and little sister Eva was not to far behind her just as proud. Of course this all made Eva want to have a loose tooth too.

Apparently Emily was showing her tooth off to Camden and managed to really lose her tooth! So we went down stairs and looked all over for that tooth so her Tooth Fairy, by the way whose name is Cherry ... someday I will tell you that story ... could come to the house again. In a few minutes of combing the ground we found her tooth and headed up to bed, tucked it away in her treasure box given to her by Dr. Polly our dentist.

Thankfully the Tooth Fairy remembered to come that night, because a Tooth Fairy making rounds in the day just didn't make sense does it! (Really someday I will tell you the full story!) So anyway come Monday morning I am not sure who was more excited Emily or Eva, jumping up and down so excited that Cherry the Tooth Fairy had made her rounds that night (just bearly, but that is for us to know and hopefully not my almost 7yo to read on this blog)!

So it is fun to believe in something silly like this, to see her excitement and the fun it brings her! I am just glad that as much as she is excited for the tooth fairy to visit her that her relationship with Jesus Christ is even more important to her. Bring her more JOY, EXCITEMENT and so much more than the tooth fairy can ever give her! I pray that I continue, that We continue to grow this in her, and Camden and Eva!

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