Friday, January 15, 2010

tooth fairies and other things

This past Sunday morning after Sunday School Emily was showing me yet another loose tooth! I am amazed by this child with how fast she is loosing them, and yet there is no where for new ones to go!

Well that afternoon while Jon and I were working in the kitchen up the stairs ran Emily rejoicing that she had lost her tooth! WOW, can I tell you how excited I was to not have to pull that tooth out! I was as excited as she was to loose it, really excited!

Emily was so proud of herself, and little sister Eva was not to far behind her just as proud. Of course this all made Eva want to have a loose tooth too.

Apparently Emily was showing her tooth off to Camden and managed to really lose her tooth! So we went down stairs and looked all over for that tooth so her Tooth Fairy, by the way whose name is Cherry ... someday I will tell you that story ... could come to the house again. In a few minutes of combing the ground we found her tooth and headed up to bed, tucked it away in her treasure box given to her by Dr. Polly our dentist.

Thankfully the Tooth Fairy remembered to come that night, because a Tooth Fairy making rounds in the day just didn't make sense does it! (Really someday I will tell you the full story!) So anyway come Monday morning I am not sure who was more excited Emily or Eva, jumping up and down so excited that Cherry the Tooth Fairy had made her rounds that night (just bearly, but that is for us to know and hopefully not my almost 7yo to read on this blog)!

So it is fun to believe in something silly like this, to see her excitement and the fun it brings her! I am just glad that as much as she is excited for the tooth fairy to visit her that her relationship with Jesus Christ is even more important to her. Bring her more JOY, EXCITEMENT and so much more than the tooth fairy can ever give her! I pray that I continue, that We continue to grow this in her, and Camden and Eva!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just in case

you missed these cute faces ... here are a few for you to enjoy!

I think sisters are great! Granted sometimes they make me rethink that thought ... but times like these are why I always wanted a sister, and am very thankful that these two have each other!!!

getting back into the swing of things

Oh, it has been so long since I have found moments of time to indulge myself in blogging. I really do feel bad, but I had so many other things going on that I had to put in front of my "blogging" ... I really do miss it. I have a mind full of excuses for you that seem to justify it all, but I will save you and just try to find a few moments a week to start up again.

So a lot has changed since I last, truly blogged.

We traveled a lot this summer! Ray and Ruth took us to Colorado Springs, and I fell in love with the place, I truly want to go back there every year which I am sure will not happen! I took Emily to Georgia to see her Uncle Scott and had a lot of fun. And, I took Eva to Michigan to visit our best friends Lisa & Hannah.

Camden turned 8 this past summer, and he is already half way to 9! Eva turned 4 in October, and Emily is almost 7 so things are just really changing here.

Camden is in third grade this year and is enjoying chess club, reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Chronicles of Narnia. Emily is in first grade and she is just full of life! She loves school and really does want to grow up and teach Kindergarten someday. She too loves to read and dance. This weekend she has cheer leading camp and is very excited as this is her first year to do it. Eva keeps me busy, three days a week she goes to a preschool at a church in town and the rest of the time she is usually beside me. She is in her first year of Dance and is just loving it, she can't wait until Dance recital in May!

So that should catch you up a little bit, and I will try to post some photos about all of the above things that have gone by, and hopefully manage to keep you up to date!

Mostly I really want to do this for my Aunt Beryl as I know how much she enjoys seeing the kids and knowing what is going on. My Aunt is fighting Cancer and after a year will finally be seen at Cancer Treatment Center in a few weeks, I am praying for more answers for her so that she can feel better. I know God had great plans for her still! Love you Aunt Beryl!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday with Words

Well Eva has had a high fever since Monday night! But you wouldn't know it when the fever is controlled by the right dose of Motrin/Tylenol! Here she is just about an hour ago while feeling better. She did the yesterday too, but as soon as the medication wears off we are back into the fever zone again.

These photos are of her fixin up her area so no one can get to her! She has a "secret" spot where she is the only one who can get in and out! She just makes me laugh ... hopefully you can laugh too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eva's First Dance Lesson

So the excitement has been building for a little while now with Eva knowing that she is old enough to take dance lessons from Dana just like Emily has. This past Friday we got out Emily's old tap and ballet shoes, the first pair did not fit ... but her second set did, THANKFULLY because I had a manic child on my hands until we found the next pair in the attic. After making sure the shoes fit, she was off to having me find Emily's old dance clothing ... which I could only find one the purple, the pink is hiding somewhere unfound at the moment! So I will be doing weekly laundry until I can find the pink one, or as Eva tells Grandma Helen "mom will just buy me a new one!" Oh, if only it was that simple. That night her and Emily danced for a good hour together all dressed up with there tap shoes on!

When Eva woke up from her nap Monday, I announced that she had dance that night ... and before I knew it she was stripped down to not much in order to get dressed and ready to go! We had a whole hour to go, and we were all ready. Tights, dance dress & hair pulled back ... but she was not happy when I told her "tap shoes are only to be worn at dance"! Thankfully she got over it quickly.
We headed out the door with brother & sister ... sister being almost as excited as Eva was! Dropping her off was so much fun ... all the girls ready for dance, half of them it was there second year! When Dana came in she asked her "when do I get on stage" and we just threw our heads back and laughed! Eva went right over with her cousin and got ready to start. I headed out and there was no looking back ... but wait, I did look back in about three times. Each time she had the biggest grin on her face.
The kids and I headed over to the Library to wait out the 45 minute lesson. And then walked back over to the community center to pick her up! Oh, she just loved it! She asked if she could go give Dana a good bye hug and she went up to Dana, holding my hand, said "thank you" and gave Dana a big squeeze. Dana then tells me that three different times that night, Eva stopped and asked "now when to I get to go on stage and dance" ... might be a long year! Dance Recital is not tell May honey!

Well, I am off to sleep, it is very late for me! Hope you enjoy the pictures ... I sure have! -beryl
Here is Eva being her normal silly self, playing a little hide and seek with the camera before class starts!

Eva's cousin that is her age is in dance with her this year! Talk about fun for both of them ... Eva also has one of her preschool classmates in class with her too. It was fun to see a lot of other faces we knew also!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eva goes to preschool today!

Yes, it is true ... my baby ... my little girl ...
went to preschool today!

She was beyond excited, we chould not get there soon enough.
Right now I am not sure who is more proud of Eva! Big sister Emily or me ... Emily didn't want to go to school today, she really wanted to take Eva to her first day of Preschool, then go to school! Both girls were giddy with the excitement that this day brought! -berylemily